In Dialogue : Made of all Work - Exhibition closes 21st October


Carole Griffiths

Found domestic objects are a starting point to all of Carole's work. In this exhibition the artist remakes and rearranges these inanimate objects to become symbolic references and metaphors of how we relate to one another as couples. The sculptures represent the life cycle of relationship’s, our desires, the need for physical and emotional attachment and inevitably the reality of disconnection between two people.

Carole Griffiths is a practicing Sculptor and full time lecturer at Bradford College she has a BA (Hons) Degree in Sculpture from Wimbledon School of Art and MA in Visual arts under Leeds Metropolitan University. Her work has been exhibited in numerous places within the Yorkshire Region including South Square, Dean Clough and Mercer Gallery. Carole is also a member of a Collaboration 'The Unlocked Collective' of which recently exhibited at Sunny Bank Mills. Carole is currently preparing a proposal plan to undertake a PhD by practice related to the theme of 'the domestic object and representations of desire’.

Paula Chambers

Under what circumstances would you build a barricade in your home; an improvised and temporary obstruction, put together hastily prevents or delays the movement of an enemy or opponent; an obstacle positioned intentionally to either shut in, or to shut out.

“Domestic Front” is a barricade constructed from the feminine clutter of home, worn and disused furniture appears to have assembled itself in the gallery space, ‘manned’ uncannily by dozens of paper and plywood cut-outs of women with guns. Most often associated with insurgency and rebellion, this particular barricade presents a disruptive and resistant view of the idea of home, and of women’s traditional roles as homemaker and home-keeper.

Paula Chambers has exhibited widely both nationally and internationally; with a back catalogue of solo shows, including most recently “Transcendental Housework” at Stockport Art Gallery, and “Domestic Pirate” at Show Space, London. Paula studied under Griselda Pollock at the University of Leeds for the MA Feminist History, Theory, Criticism and Practice in the Visual Arts. Paula is currently Principal Lecturer on BA (Hons) Fine Art, Sculpture Strand Leader, at Leeds College of Art. She is undertaking a practice‐led PhD at Middlesex University.