Post Referendum Portraits

Identity is at the core of every social movement, it informs who we are and how we are. It shapes and forms our understanding of our place in the world and defines the laws we create for ourselves and by which we live.It unties us and helps create the communities that make up our neighbourhoods.

What will a visual representation of identity look like in the light of the confusion brought forward as a result of the Brexit referendum? In the light of the decision to leave the European Union identity has become almost impossible issue to resolve. Clarity is hard to reach and satisfaction impossible to sustain.

The portraits in this exhibition are a visual talking point. They reflect what I consider to be a crisis in identity brought into focus by the result of the referendum. Layered digital collages reflect the way in which mass media, successive political/social networks and the current political climate in Great Britain has effected the way in which we
understand who we are.
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Stepping Back

‘Stepping Back’ is a series of photographs that explores the impact of Brexit on British identity. Spanning the twelve months following the 2016 vote, it seeks out and illuminates everyday moments that reveal a British identity, or identities, beyond the screaming headlines of Brexit, Trump and the refugee crisis.

These are snapshots of the messy, the complicated, the subtly optimistic: a conversation between two friends on the tube, an enthusiastic busker, an older person watching the world go by from the relative tranquility of a roadside bench.

The series is also an opportunity to slow down and absorb the moments of ordinary connection, confrontation, confusion and wonder that are easily overlooked.
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