New Exhibition - Opens 21st May


Alexandra Gallagher

Humanity’s Intellectual World

Exhibiting and selling her work internationally, including the world-renowned Saatchi Gallery in London, Alexandra Gallagher's work celebrates the surreal and bizarre.

In this body of work, Gallagher explores the concept of the Internet in a physical sense. In which intelligence is widely distributed across the landscape. Where you can be anything or anyone. Where there is something for everyone, even the darkest and the most twisted. With the computer screen being a metaphor for the window in which we view this world Alexandra's work looks at being able to visualise and imagine how humanity’s intellectual world would be.

John Ledger

Under Digital Rain

We are faced with an ever-increasing bombardment of information from 24 hour rolling news to Smartphone technologies, the gap between the virtual and physical world is now muddled and confused. In this exhibition Ledger attempts to navigate this state of uncertainty through detailed map-like drawings that satirise and question the status quo.

Ledger’s dark depiction of this reality isn’t a call to abandon the world we live in and 'return to nature'. On the contrary, the dark nature of these works brings into question that mode of engagement. They leave us stuck between a rock and a hard place, suggesting we must navigate these times in search for a better place. One in which, technologies merely enhance our lives rather than creating addicts and slaves.

Curated by John Wright

Performance & Preview 20th May 6-8pm

John Ledger and curator John Wright present an interactive performance to engage and enhance Ledgers wall drawings

All welcome