Jenny Gibson and Chantal Gillingham
Saturday 29 October – Friday 6 January

Art show fills the Bowery with jewel-like colours of jelly and custard and household objects

A two-part exhibition of photographic fine art brings the luscious, luminous shades of the everyday to Bowery in Otley Road, Headingley, Leeds.

Work by artists Jenny Gibson and Chantal Gillingham, spanning seven separate collections, are combined for Closer Still which runs in both gallery spaces at the venue from Saturday 29 October to Friday 6 January.

Jenny, of Huddersfield, uses the language of cheap party food and charity shop figurines to explore themes of greed and decadence.

London-based Chantal collects everyday objects and photographs as a starting point to retell information in a new context.

Closer Still invites the viewer to explore colour, light, space and pattern via these very small and ordinary household points of reference given a fresh, otherworldly focus.

Curator Sandra Togher says: “Here are two very different artist with their own distinct ideas and objectives, whose work really resonates and crackles with energy when it is put side by side.”

Both Jenny and Chantal have exhibited widely in group and solo exhibitions. They are both debuting at the Bowery.