Exhibition  - Opens 14th August


And Everything Was Blue (2021)

‘And Everything Was Blue’, is a joint exhibition by Danele and Georgia, bringing together ideas of contemporaneity, human behaviour, and youthful expression which are themes central to both their work. Drawing parallels between the two colours, they are both drawn to blue and green, which as ancient etymology shows, are inherently connected. With their work shown together, they aim to draw attention to the way in which the young generation identify culturally and encourage self-reflection on their material culture.

Having met working on a summer camp and bonding over their love of art, the idea to work together was born during a catch up here at the Bowery two years ago. An ode to their idol (okay obsession) Chloe Wise’s recent exhibition ‘And Everything Was True’, this body of work reflects cultural concerns found relevant to Danele, Georgia and Wise herself, which include socialisation, capitalism, and modernity. The title also refers to the general attitude towards the pandemic; feeling blue.

Danele Evans

Based in Leeds and Edinburgh, Danele studies BA Painting at Edinburgh College of Art. Human interaction in public spaces is central to her work and with its absence, she began noticing the power of the crowd. Working on this series of oil paintings to narrate consumer culture from the perspective of a student in a pandemic, her compositions of figures in motion are part of an exploration of the crowd and modernity. Becoming more aware of consumer behaviours, she comments on the repetitive, instantly gratified nature of the way in which we purchase under the influence of accessibility, convenience, and desire. She explores our constant access to everything, everywhere, despite the contactless interaction of the pandemic. With recurring leg imagery to describe the steps we take in order to consume, and subtle logos as evidence of the short-term satisfaction of our consumption, it is these pockets of information to suggest a presence of humanity that she is interested in to provoke thought over the power of our footprint and consumer decisions.


Georgia Groundland

Born in Manchester, UK, Georgia is currently studying Fine Art at Leeds Arts University. Her work explores the concept of cultural Judaism, where she has ultimately shed light on a side of faith that is not purely religiously associated. Georgia’s paintings emanate what it is to be of the young Jewish generation. The new youth make up a diasporic and modernised branch of cultural faith, bringing together contemporary life with ancient tradition. Each of her pieces capture a moment which signifies a turning point in Judaism, where faith becomes personal, yet at the same time a collective consciousness. With each canvas flowing across to the next, the series is set out to portray a completely interactive scene, with people engaging in constant conversation, laughter, and entertainment. Socialisation is at the heart of the works. Without an exchange in conversation, ideas, philosophies, and opinions, there would be no evolutionary force.